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Posted: Jul 08, 2016 10:31:38 am

NEW YORK, USA – ZeMis, which recently launched its online gift store promoting world culture and green living, just concluded its first online sweepstakes featuring a Christian Louboutin evening bag, Lancel Necktie and ZeMis' own Fall/Winter 2009 fashion accessories collection.

“We can’t wait to send out the much coveted Aoinoeud Louboutin bag as well as our show stopping designer accessories!”, exclaimed ZeMis Managing Director,  “We have customers asking how they can increase their chances of winning the Louboutin.”  For its first online sweepstakes, ZeMis gave away a handful of trendy fashion accessories beginning with their first prize - Christian Louboutin’s signature Mini Aoinoeud evening bag. This went to Salome U. from Manila. For 2nd prize, they gave away something for the men – a Lancel neck tie.  This was won by Graham C. from London. 3rd prize is ZeMis gave away its very own Spinning Disks Neckpiece as its 3rd prize which went to Patrick C. from New York.

ZeMis also gave away ten minor prizes from ZeMis' Fall 2009 costume jewelry collection. Here’s a list of the lucky winners:

    • We Cuff - Julie B. from Pasig
    • World is an Oyster Cuff - Hope B. from Makati
    • Skin Dyed Bangle - Sarah D. from New York
    • Evil Eye Ring - Andrea C. from Makati
    • Rainbow Stone Necklace - Sophia F. from Alabang
    • Pear Drop Earrings  Roberta F. from Monaco
    • Color of Winter Necklace - Elvira E. from Makati
    • Green Skin Choker - Melo E. from Quezon City
    • Paw Lash Bangle - Anna Maria O. from Bologna
    • Leopard Warning Necklace - Michele S. from Makati

The online sweepstakes ran from September 1 to October 15, 2009.  A complete list of winners, details and mechanics of the online promotion may be viewed at  With the resounding success of this promotion, ZeMis plans to hold contests, raffles, premium promotions on a monthly basis.

For its Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, ZeMis offers four unique themes representing the latest trends for the season.  The first is ASEAN Agenda which features eco-friendly materials in artfully crafted bangle and bag designs from the Southeast Asian region.  Second is the Sweet Safari series which echoes African safari expedition style of fashion but made from ‘sweet’ natural components such as coconut shells and oyster shells and other natural stones.  As a bit of departure from the first two, ZeMis is also launching its rocker chic collection called ‘I Goth You’  which embodies gothic but elegant fashion style made largely from the same natural shells and stones used in ASEAN Agenda and Sweet Safari series but this time, whimsically but sophisticatedly blended with metal and resin.  Femme Frivolity is the fourth theme that completes ZeMis’ Fall 2009 collection.  Femme Frivolity is all about exquisite hand sewn and handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Each piece is a pretty work of art. 

The entire Fall 2009 accessories collection is handmade and primarily composed of indigenous, natural and eco-sustainable materials.  Almost all of the products are Go Green Certified.  Zemis is donating a portion of the sales proceeds to the Go Green Philippines Foundation, the main goal of which is to achieve sustainability of the natural materials used in the products sold.  ZeMis aims to showcase fashion forward handbags, costume jewelry and other designer accessories using eco-ethical standards.  ZeMis officially launched its Fall/Winter 2009 fashion collection earlier this month.

ZeMis, an online specialty department store, can be accessed on the web at  ZeMis sells world culture gift products sourced from around the world, and plans to deliver them to any doorstep on Earth. It aims to promote awareness and understanding of various cultures, histories and religions by allowing its customers to send gifts from different parts of the globe to someone they care about.

ZeMis searches the world for hard-to-find, truly unique, fun, and useful gifts and supports the artisans, craftsmen, tribal groups, and cottage industries behind them.  It currently offers products such as artisan artwork, handcrafted costume jewelry, organic toys, natural bed and bath products and other eco-crafts.  In addition, ZeMis sells music from various cultures, including East African, Gypsy, Bollywood and even Mongolian folk tunes as well as a comprehensive selection of both popular and hard to find world cinema or foreign language DVD’s such as Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire; Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Amelie, Like Water For Chocolate as well as Departures from Japan, this year’s winner for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars 2008 Academy Awards.  Films that promote the Global Village trend such as The Visitor are also available at the best prices online.

ZeMis utilizes Amazon's e-commerce technology in order to provide ZeMis guests a safe, secure, and convenient online shopping experience.  Transaction processing for ZeMis is handled by Amazon so buyers can use their account to order and checkout.
Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 7:22:11 am

When will you have another promotion like this?

Would sure love to join!
Carpe Diem!

Posted: Jul 25, 2016 12:40:08 pm

Just stay tuned Darlene! We got a bag-full of promotions lined up!
Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

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