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Posted: Jul 08, 2016 11:42:11 am

An online store known for promoting cultures of the world and green gifting is set to generate some major buzz this month as the awards season kicks off in Hollywood. 

NEW YORK, USA, January 15, 2010 /ZEMIS LTD – ZeMis, the unique lifestyle accessories store selling exclusively on will be giving away its prized Spring/Summer 2010 designer accessories collection at one of the industry’s premiere Hollywood celebrity gifting events, the Madison & Mulholland Charitable Giving event, in Beverly Hills.

ZeMis specializes in exquisite neckpieces made from semi-precious stones, luxurious and hand weaved, exotic fabrics and glass beads, all artfully interlaced by skilled artisans. Lindy Castillo, ZeMis’ resident designer and founder quips, “We are truly looking forward to this event. The awards season brings about so much chaotic excitement both on the internet and in the fashion industry so we want to position ourselves to fully capitalize on the publicity created.” Castillo further adds, “This year we are more prepared and more confident for celebrity gifting. We have a fabulous collection to offer this coming season that would perfectly complement every fashionista’s blush/khaki and candy colored Spring-Summer wardrobe. We look forward to stylish A-listers lusting over our Grapes of Wrath Necklace or our uber-opulent Empress Mahal medallion neckpiece in their swag bags.”

ZeMis will be participating in festivities honoring Hollywood's leading men and women in film and television which includes a gathering of past winners, new nominees, celebrities, stylists and members of media who are invited to sample the latest collections of fashion vendors in a Beverly Hills home. 

The highlight of this event is the charity auction where celebrity attendees will create their own gift bag from vendor products which will be auctioned off, proceeds of which shall go to their choice of charity.

For this event, ZeMis is giving away hundreds of designer accessories from its Fall’09/Winter’10 and also brand new stock from its Spring/Summer collection which are not yet available for sale at

For its Spring/Summer series, ZeMis worked around the theme of ‘Wonders of the World’. ZeMis came up with its owns 7 Wonders list to draw inspiration from for its fabulous Spring collection of neckpieces. Its first wonder, The Pyramid of Giza showcases Cleopatra inspired necklaces and collars in Spring trend colors – turquoise and chartreuse. The Taj Mahal serves as backdrop for ZeMis’ glorious medallions of freshwaters and glass beads in khaki and tomato puree sashes. Both are popular color trends for Spring as well. ZeMis also chose 2 natural wonders, Serengeti and The Great Barrier Reef to represent popular themes for Summer 2010 fashion– Safari and sea shell. ZeMis is offering limited edition AKT Growl clutch handbags in leopard, giraffe and tiger patterns. Mesmerizing pendants lavished in Mother of Pearls, oyster/clam shells, freshwater pearls in blush, ivory and black sashes or metal chains make up the trendy yet timelessly elegant sea-inspired collection.

A preview of the Spring/Summer 2010 line may be viewed at

The concept of ZeMis was germinated more than a decade ago when e-commerce was just about to explode. Its founder, Lindy Castillo, is an avid traveler and serious shopaholic who genuinely enjoys bringing home gifts from her exotic trails to family and dear friends. She conceptualized a store where travelers can buy home and gift products reminiscent of their journeys and give it to their friends. At that time, she had already set up an internet marketing company and was heavily entrenched in her VC firm. She put this project on hold but her passion to spread cultural awareness and encourage world travel never wore off. Finally in late 2008, she launched her online store and never looked back.

ZeMis can be accessed on the web at  It sells world culture gift products sourced from around the world, and plans to deliver them to any doorstep on Earth. It aims to promote awareness and understanding of various cultures, histories and religions by allowing its customers to send gifts from different parts of the globe to someone they care about.

ZeMis debuted its designer accessories line in a similar celebrity gifting event when it participated in the film academy award gift bag and the Haven swag lounge held in February last year through its former name, World Charms. Its now famous and fully evolved AKT Vianca minaudiere made from pandan and palm leaves grace the lovely hands of paparazzi driven celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Mendes and Sarah Jessica Parker as well as last year’s Oscar® winners and nominees, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Respected female actors like Cate Blanchett and Scarlett Johansson likewise were gifted this eco-friendly charmer.

ZeMis utilizes Amazon's e-commerce technology in order to provide ZeMis guests a safe, secure, and convenient online shopping experience.  Transaction processing for ZeMis is handled by Amazon so buyers can use their account to order and checkout.
Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

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