Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

Celebrate World Culture. Travel Across The Earth. Send A Gift From Mother Nature.


  • Scavenger's Find Rose Quartz Feathered Necklace

    Sport this on a vintage frock and turn back time when dress up and prince charming fantasies ruled the day. Image of love was pure as the white sky. Harness that purity deep within aided by this rose quartz twin pendant. In no time, you'll be heeding Annie Lennox and Al Green's advice - Put a little love in your heart and make this world...


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    Scavenger's Find Rose Quartz Feathered Necklace
  • Sparkling Stream Citrine / Carnelian Lariat

    Be dazzled by the petite elegance of the citrine button gemstones and the swaying carnelian drops in this marvelously power packed lariat. Citrine brings abundant joy and washes out any negativity that just won't go away. Carnelian revitalizes and brings you that 'in the moment' feel. Together, these energizing stones will unblock...


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    Sparkling Stream Citrine / Carnelian Lariat
  • Emerald in the Rough Pendant

    Chip away remnants of negative emotion and calm your raging heart with this rock for support. Emerald chips sprouting from this rough cut sand stone hooked in by a 24k gold 'claw' reveal a treasure of shining hope that will help you achieve spiritual oneness.


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    Emerald in the Rough Pendant
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