Celebrate world culture. Travel across the Earth. Send a gift from Mother Nature.

Celebrate World Culture. Travel Across The Earth.
Send A Gift From Mother Nature.


  • A Angara Neckpiece

    Alluring and seductive, this choker will catch anyone's eye as it gracefully adorns your neck. This snake shaped neckpiece is hand sewn with metal studs. Unique and dazzling, the A Angara neckpiece shines on its own...


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    A Angara Neckpiece
  • Pear Drop Earrings Orange

    If all the raindrops were this colorful, we would have pretty gardens brightening up our paths. These pear-shaped earrings provide verve to any wardrobe. Its interlocking threads run through the grooves of a teardrop shaped metal like the veins of a leaf. Made of interwoven monochromatic but multi-shaded threads on pear-shaped metal earrings with dangling metal leaves...


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    Pear Drop Earrings Orange
  • We Cuff

    Named after the famous two-headed snake, this elegantly designed cuff comes in two dual-color combinations and adjustable to fit different size wrists. This cuff is named after the Chanel founder, matching the legendary designer's signature shade of pink. A portion of the sale of this product is donated to a foundation aimed at achieving...


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    We Cuff
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